Our society is going in a dangerous direction. We are headed toward an entitlement society. On the news for last few days there has been talk of a movement called “Occupy Wall Street”, and it is disturbing. There is no one person representing the group, and it is hard to figure out what they are truly protesting. I think that they are asking for a society built on handouts.

Some of the demands being made by the protestors are totally ridiculous. One demand is that everyone be paid a “Living Wage” no matter a person’s employment status. The next one I heard was free college for all. The best demand I heard was wipeout all debt in the world and start with a clean slate. The last one I heard was open borders. All of these demands are down right stupid. There is no way around it. These demands are not only stupid, but also dangerous.

The scary part for me is that most of the protestors are college kids. Don’t get me wrong it is great they are getting involved in politics. The thing that worries me is what are the colleges pumping into these kids heads. What they are saying is give me , give me, and give me more. If it was only that easy.

Let’s take a look at their demands. Everyone be paid “Living Wage” no matter of employment status. So, basically no one has to work anymore. I mean if you get “Living Wage” no matter employment status, why be employed? Your going to get money anyway. I know the believers in this are rolling their eyes. First if you roll your eyes at me in my presence I will knock your eyes out the back of your head. The protestor will tell you that everyone should get some of the profits from the big evil, mean corporations. To these nut jobs profits are bad. Profits would be bad to socialist. I am just saying.

Free college for everyone! First of all not everyone needs or deserves to go to college. That is a fact. To me, a diploma is only a piece of paper that says you can follow through to a goal. These dim wits are just trying to serve their own needs. I mean who wants college loans hanging around their neck. There is a way to get through college without loans. It is a highly classified secret that the government doesn’t want you to know. I may share it later, I have the clearance to know the secret.

Wipeout all debt, what a noble idea. I think debt is dumb also, but wipeout all debt? Who is dumb now? There is no way. Only in their dreams. Enough said!

Open all the borders. It would solve immigration problems I will admit that. The problem is all of the other problems we will have. We have immigration laws for a reason. The violence from the drug cartels in Mexico would spill over the border. We would need to implement the “Living Wage” if this happens. There would be flood of workers who will work for cheaper than an American will. Maybe I could move back to the Southwest and carry a six iron on my hip. I could relive the days of the wild, wild west. I may have fun with that.

The protestors are worried that the American Dream is crumbling and unattainable. If there is a group who wants to get the American Dream back they will have to know the secret that the government doesn’t want you to know. It is only two words. Please don’t get offended when I tell you what they are, because they are both four letter words. Here we go………HARD WORK. There I said it. It is the answer to everything. Sorry if you think it is a let down. I know this not the answer everyone wants to hear.

Everyday men and women put in a day of hard work to make our country better. They don’t sit around and want a hand out. These men and women are what our country needs more of. Seriously, if you put out your hand for a freebie it should be smacked. Sorry to tell all of those children down at Occupy Wall Street, they are selfish petty brats. They want someone to take care of them instead of growing up and making their way in the world. So, I say to them go ahead and enjoy the government cheese. I will be dining on steak, because I am not scared to actually get off of the couch and do something with my life.